Hi friends,

First of all, thank you to everyone that shared their feelings for our last song and video, Brother.  We make music ‘cause we love making music so we have to make it, but its really rewarding to know it moves you too.  We feel your comments.  That song was more personal than anything we’ve ever written, and it turns out a lot of you can relate.  

This month's song is Blood in Paris, and it's a big heap of self-criticism, especially of my liberal ideology 

    Fail all our doves
    Fail our halos
    Punch down the racist
    Adorn ourselves in slave clothes 

Thats my liberal bullshit in short--  I'm quick to judge some redneck as a racist for his Facebook post while I'm wearing clothes made by child wage-slaves in Bangladesh.      

Cognitive dissonance is a good phrase in psychology, a musical one: The inner-conflict of ideas, ideas that aren't harmonious with each other.  There's a lot of dissonance going around these days, its a cacophony out there.  I'm trying to bring more harmony to it by being more harmonious in my own ideas, and by making music.    

Click the image to watch and listen.   

See you in a month.  Thanks for commenting, sharing, listening, and engaging.  


CCJail Recording Studio // Fundraiser Launched

Hi friends

I'm very happy to announce the launch of this fundraiser: I'm building a recording studio / learning space right in Cook County Jail, in the heart of the biggest jail in the nation.  Your generosity will directly help build the space into a safe, creative, and inspiring environment for the fellas to learn, create, and record.  A beautiful oasis, a much needed relief from the unbearable heat, water in the desert / music in the jail system.  I'm volunteering all of my talents for this program to make this happen.  It will be good --Antony


Love + Wonder // Music Video Release

Collaborating with directory Anthony Rizzo is inspiring.  Its the best kind of collaboration.  To me, the creative process is all about momentum.  Its the yesness I strive for in everything, take the mirrors off the car and just drive–figure it out as you go.  Thats when creating is an act of liberation, not self-consciousness.  Put another way, thats the ‘up or down’ dylan talked about, they only two ways to go creatively.  Up is better.  And thats why I like working with Anthony, we go places.  Hope you enjoy!  Leave a comment if you’re a vimeo person, we’d love to hear from you on it, or anything relevant –Antony