DIY from CHI, they call it American Gypsy.  It wanders but isn’t lost, because its a tramp, a gypsy—you can’t get lost when you love where you are.  Their new album, Digital Arms, was recorded in the band’s warehouse studio over the course of a year with the intent of creating, as Ablan explains, “masculine grooves and feminine melody.” They’ve succeeded, but maybe even more so than they had anticipated: Palmerin’s drums echo with mountainous bravado; Pullums’ woodwinds—an effortless flair of sonic color and musicianship giving symmetry to Antony’s soaring electric guitar; Carney’s thick bass runs, Messing’s foundational guitar and vocal lines, and in the center, Ablan’s voice is bold and commanding one minute, and courageously naked the next. All of this swirls together to create lush, exotic soundscapes in pop form, full of hooks and even an occasional gnarly, brave dissonance;  “Triumphant” is a worthwhile adjective for Digital Arms as a whole, and with a sound this huge and confident, the listener is swept up in their journey.  Wild and epic highs, delicate and intimate lows.  We know why they call it American Gypsy.     


The Band:

Antony Ablan // Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Vocals, Lyrics

Kedgrick Pullums Jr. // Woodwinds, Organs, Pianos, Vocals

Joseph Messing // Guitar, Vocals

Ryan Carney // Electric and upright bass, Cello

Chris Palmerin // Drum Kit & Percussion